12 things to love about CooperSurgical's new Advincula Delineator

Last month in October 2015, CooperSurgical were in town filming an educational video with Virtuosa Gyn's Surgical Team.

The focus was on the placement and use of the New Advincula Delineator; the latest disposable uterine manipulator to hit the minimally invasive surgery market…

The new manipulator was cleared by DHHS for marketing in the US on July 21, 2015. Already in this short time the Gyn robotic surgery team of Crockett & Mier (Susan A. Crockett, MD & Manuel Mier, Jr, SA-C) has been hard at work beta testing the device.

Only the second team in the world to work with the new manipulator, they have now completed over 25 cases with it, and have developed their list of:

12 things to love about the new Advincula Delineator

  1. Ergonomics – Handle will remain comfortable during entire procedure for the assistant.
  2. Strength –Triple tempered steel holds large uteri in place.
  3. Best-In-Class Pneumo Occluder with our standard balloon.
  4. No assembly required.
  5. Better arch for more internal range of motion.
  6. 4.0 cup has creates larger “platform” for dividing uterine vessels.
  7. No back cup to create vaginal laceration in narrow patient.
  8. Sounding matches depth numbers on handle.
  9. Magnifying latch, for reading numbers.
  10. Easy to see blue color when creating Colpotomy.
  11. Cup shape allows for maximal margin of safety for ureterus.
  12. Design encourages maximum Cephalad pressure for preservation of Uterosacral ligaments, and maximum vaginal length.

Virtuosa GYN

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