Crockett and Mier Teach Teamwork to Gyn Robotic Surgical Teams

Top Gyn Robotic Surgical Team Crockett and Mier (Dr. Susan Crockett and First Assist Manny Mier) lectured over a delicious steak dinner at J. Prime Steakhouse last week to other robotic surgical teams about their strategies for teamwork in the Operating Room. Thank You to all that attended, it was a wonderful turn out with great names and faces.

Sponsored by CooperSurgical, the talk highlighted the roles of the surgeon and first surgical assist, emphasizing respect, communication, and efficiency. They also discussed their recent beta testing work of the new Advincula Delineator uterine manipulator. For their review, see 12 things to love about CooperSurgical's new Advincula Delineator.


Author Virtuosa GYN

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