Dr. Crockett Lectures on Managing Post-Operative Pain in Denver

Dr. Crockett was recently invited by Pacira Pharmaceuticals to present at a dinner meeting held in conjunction with the ACOG Annual Joint District Meeting, on September 18th 2015 in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Crockett lectured to 30 GYNs, residents, faculty members, & private practitioners, on behalf of Pacira about utilizing a long acting local anesthetic called EXPAREL to reduce post operative pain. This long acting local anesthetic maintains blood levels in patients for 3-5 days post injection, helping to support pain control postoperatively. She discussed her personal experience in successfully decreasing narcotic use for post operative pain.

While speaking on this subject Dr Crockett was able to share knowledge about “specific formulations for dilutions and delivery” which she utilizes in the OR.

Attendees learned about three main points of focus:

1. It is possible to perform narcotic-free postoperative care to some patients.

2. Techniques for injecting and utilizing EXPAREL to decrease postoperative pain.

3. A multi-model approach to pain control, that it is not just a single product or one specific technique, but a recipe that she uses for pre and post-op care that altogether enhance the patient experience.

Dr. Crockett is a regular attendee and speaker at widely recognized National and International Minimally Invasive Surgery events. Her next speaking engagement will be for Cooper Surgical in San Antonio on October 28.

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