Dr. Crockett Speaks on Managing Post-Surgical Pain with Non-Narcotic Medication

Dr. Crockett was the keynote speaker at a recent program hosted by Pacira Pharmaceuticals. Over 50 nurses and physicians attended the event to learn about the benefits and use of Exparel®. Dr. Crockett gave a 30-minute presentation on the single-use, non-opioid pain management drug and how she uses it with her patients to manage post-surgical pain.

“Traditionally, narcotic pain medications have been the first line of defense against surgery pain, despite causing side effects that can detract from a patient’s recovery experience,” said Dr. Crockett. “EXPAREL is applied before patients even wake up from surgery, and a single dose can help control patients’ pain and may decrease their need for narcotic medications.”

After the presentation, Dr. Crockett answered dozens of questions from the audience.

Dr. Crockett’s use of Exparel is an essential component of her effort to offer minimally invasive surgical options for women. Her patients typically only use 3-5 narcotic pain pills after a robotic hysterectomy which minimizes the negative side effects of opioid pain medication.

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