Local Gyn Surgeon, Dr. Susan Crockett, Presents at International Robotics Conference

San Antonio Minimally Invasive Gyn Surgeon and founder of Virtuosa Gyn, Dr. Susan Crockett, presented an innovative new robotic surgical procedure last weekend at the international Society of Robotics Society (SRS) meeting, held in Miami, FL. The annual conference brings together robotic surgeons from all surgical sub-specialties and from all over the world to share and discuss the latest advances in their fields. Dr. Crockett was one of only eight gyn surgeons invited to present abstracts at the meeting.

Dr. Crockett has been an advanced robotic surgeon in San Antonio since 2010, specializing in complex benign cases. She is one of a growing number of advanced gyn robotic surgeons in the area who have completed over 600 cases. Typically, these surgeons open less than 1% of all their cases, and have minimal blood loss. Most of their patients, including hysterectomies, prolapse cases, and myomectomies, go home as same day surgeries with minimal pain and less than 2 weeks recovery.

The case that resulted in Dr. Crockett's invitation to present at SRS was a rare cornual ectopic pregnancy that she treated robotically. Cornual ectopic pregnancies occur when an early pregnancy implants in the part of the fallopian tube that traverses through the corner of the uterus. Although they make up only 2% of all ectopics, they are extremely dangerous, accounting for 20% of all fatalities due to ruptured ectopic pregnancies due to the proximity to major blood vessels.

Dr. Crockett's case is only the second robotically treated cornual ectopic reported in the medical literature, and it is the first of it's kind to preserve most of the patient's uterine tissue by removing only the interstitial portion of the tube that contained the abnormal pregnancy. Dr. Crockett's description of the procedure is expected to be published in the Journal of Robotic Surgery in the coming year. The patient is expected to fully maintain the capacity to carry future pregnancies following her cutting edge treatment.

"It was truly an honor to be invited to speak at such a prestigious event," said Dr. Crockett. "But the real winner in this case is the patient. It is a joy to be able to care for women by applying the latest technology, but all the technology in the world doesn't matter if it doesn't help the patient heal faster with a superior result. I'm grateful to be asked to share my ideas with other doctors so that other patients can benefit too."

Dr. Crockett is the founder of Virtuosa Gyn, the area's first medical practice dedicated to Minimally Invasive Gyn Surgery. This case was performed at Stone Oak Methodist Hospital. She also operates out of Northeast Methodist Hospital and North Central Baptist. She hopes to continue to educate women about the minimally invasive options available to them as well as teach other doctors the latest innovations in robotic surgery.

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