The Many Benefits of Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

The Many Benefits of Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

In the past, surgery for certain women's health conditions required surgeons to make significant incisions in a patient's abdomen. A cut would have to be large enough for the surgeon to insert their hands and any necessary tools needed to perform the procedure.

Fortunately, advances in surgical tools and techniques have made it possible for gynecological surgeons to perform many procedures without making large cuts in a patient's body. 

Laparoscopic surgery allows surgeons to operate using a couple of incisions rather than one larger cut. And robot-assisted surgical systems let a surgeon use tiny, computer-guided tools to perform many procedures.

Here at Virtuosa GYN in San Antonio, Texas, Susan Crockett, MD, uses the highly respected da Vinci robot-assisted surgical system. In fact, Dr. Crockett is a master-level surgeon with the da Vinci system.

The da Vinci system provides our surgical patients with many benefits. Read on to learn about just a few of the ways it could benefit you.  

Quicker recovery

Typically, patients receiving robotic surgery can go home shortly after having their procedure, without an overnight hospital stay. Most feel like themselves again in only a week or two, which is a far shorter recuperation than after open surgery.

Greater accuracy and precision

The da Vinci system gives Dr. Crockett greater precision than she would have with handheld instruments. The da Vinci system instruments move like a surgeon's hand, but with a far greater range of motion. Yet, Dr. Crockett is always fully in charge of the procedure.

In addition, the da Vinci system provides her with three-dimensional magnified camera views of the operating field, which allows her to see 10 times better than she can with her own eyes.

Less pain, less bleeding

With smaller incisions, you're likely to experience far less pain and bleeding than you would after open surgery. Most of our patients require only a small amount of pain medication after their procedure.

Smaller incisions, smaller scars

The da Vinci system is minimally invasive, meaning it requires a couple of tiny incisions rather than one larger cut. Most procedures need only two or three little cuts, which means smaller, less visible scars post-surgery. 

In fact, some women find that their scars are so small they practically disappear over time.

A wide variety of applications

We can use the da Vinci robotic system for a wide range of gynecological surgeries, including:

Superlative care for all your gynecological needs

Dr. Crockett and our team of care providers are here to help you with all of your gynecological needs, ranging from routine care to surgery. To schedule an annual well-woman visit or an evaluation for a medical concern, contact us today at our San Antonio, Texas, office.

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